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Telemedicine and Telepsychiatry

Our platform lets you access your doctor’s or counselor’s calendar to book televisit appointments at the time that works best for you. Skip the waiting area and see your doctor at the comfort of your home, through secure, confidential and an encrypted video chats. Telemedicine is not a replacement for traditional doctor’s visit, but you can have your follow ups, prescription refills, lab results and other non-emergency healthcare needs delivered to you via telemedicine.

Professional Counseling with a Licensed Therapist

Licenced professional counselors at LiteMD’s platform can help you deal with many personal topics in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties, career changes and more. Our goal is to make professional counseling accessible affordable and convenient - so anyone who struggle with life’s challenges can get help, anywhere, anytime.

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Most insurances, including Medicaid pays for it.
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Board Certified doctors who can treat your cold, flu, allergies, migraines and other non-emergency medical conditions without a traditional office visit.

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Find a doctor specialized on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.

Counseling with a Licensed Therapist

You deserve to get help and be happy. Relieve stress, anger, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, career changes and more

Prescription Refills

Medication refills often does not require a physical visit. Your doctor can refill your medications or prescribe new ones after or during your televisit.

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HIPAA compliant, secure, easy to use mobile apps (Apple iOS and Android) are built to join your telemedicine appointment from anywhere, anytime. After all, if you ever have to see a doctor, through LiteMD, all you need is an internet access. It is that easy.

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